Call For Artists 5-5-5 Spring Festival 2016


5 Dance Artists, 5 Theatre Artists, 5 Days In a Studio

Kicking off the 2015 festival was something a little different. SPC has partnered with Paved Arts Gallery to host its first ever multi-disciplinary forum, an artist speed dating event. “The goal,” explained SPC”s Artistic Director/General Manager Andrew Johnston, “was to embrace new forms of theatre practice.”

This year we have decided to take the idea one step further and pair artists to work alongside each other in a shared interest. Andrew Johnson and Kathryn Ricketts (Chair of Dance Area of Faculty of Education, University of Regina) will work both as matchmakers as well as road test dummies as they model the experiment themselves. 5 artists will be chosen from the SPC membership, and 5 from the vibrant dance community in Regina. Participants will be paired in creative duos. Studio space will be provided and the pairs will get to work experimenting with thematics provided.

After 5 days of periodic work in the studio, the 10 artists will come together and share their observations and discoveries at the opening celebration of Spring Festival. Andrew and Kathryn will help facilitate a dialogue with audience, informed by their own first hand experience of the experiment. We are hoping that this dynamic exposé will result in many layers of appreciation from ‘unpacking’ the mysterious and troublesome language of interdisciplinary processes and serve as a sampling of working methods and philosophies for potential further partnerships and collaborations.

Possible developments in the studio

The prompters provided by Andrew and Kathryn could be a trilogy of photographs, a bag of selected objects or an excerpt from a play or novel (to name a few). The artist will use the prompters as a springboard for research and investigations together in the realm of character or narrative development, movement explorations, environment or set and costume design which will then provide a foundation for scene studies

An Honorarium of $300.00 will be provided to each dancer and playwright. Deadline is March 24, 2016.

Interested In Participating?

Any SPC member in good standing is welcome to apply. If you are interested please email a resume and a letter of interest to Your letter of interest should include;

Contact Information

Why you would like to participate

Any relevant experience.

Deadline for applications is March 24, 2016.