SPC wants to get even more people involved in the creation process, so how about a collaborative event that takes a piece of theatre from inception to performance in a single day!

Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre is excited to announce our newest program, Play In a Day.! All you have to do is Press “Play” – Sign up now at saskplaywrights.ca, pay your $25 entry fee, and you’re in!

Then simply show up at 6:00 p.m. April 21st, 2017 at the Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange, 2431 8th Avenue in Regina,.

When everyone is ready-to-go, our Festival Guru, Kenn McLeod, will put all the players names into a hat and divide everyone up into teams.   He will then introduce the “Catalysts”…your sources of inspiration for the theatre pieces you are all about to create. There are no rules for how you incorporate the Catalysts, or how you divide up/work together to create your piece of theatre…but the goal is to have a 10 minute play ready for performance by 6:00 pm the next day.

Need more guidance? Feel stuck? Kenn has years of experience working in the Theatre & Improv Communities, and Andrew has run two theatre companies and directed lots of shows in Montreal and Vancouver. Feel free to contact either one for sage advice.

At 6:00pm on Saturday, everyone will reassemble at Sask. Cultural Exchange to prep & stumble through their pieces, before presenting them to the world (or whoever shows up!) at 8:00 pm.   Reception with food and libations to follow!

Where: Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange, 2431 8th Ave, Regina, Saskatchewan

When: April 21 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

April 22nd 6:00 groups will meet and select an order of presentation.

April 22nd 8:00 plays will be presented for a live audience followed by a cash bar and reception.

Cost: $25 entry fee.